My visit to the St.Regis Dubai!


My top picks for drugstore BB Creams!

I am obsessed with BB creams, since I was never a fan of heavy foundations. Foundations sometimes act as a mask and makes people have a fake appearance. However BB creams look natural,moisturizes the skin, contains SPF, and reduces redness. These are my top picks for drugstore bb creams that are super affordable!
1. The @uriagefrance bb cream is one of my favorite bb creams for everyday use. Since I have quite a fair skin tone the 50+ SPF really protects my skin from the strong rays of the sun.
2. The @rimmellondonuk bb cream is a bb cream that I really like, I got it in the shade medium because the following shade gives you a nice sunkissed glow.
3. The @lorealmakeup bb cream is a must have product for me.It looks light but as you blend it on your skin, it adjusts to your skin tone color which is really cool!
4. The @maybelline bb cream is an absolute favorite of mine. It hydrates my skin, reduces my redness and evens out my skin tone. It gives me such a flawless finish. Model @taylor_hill also stated that this is one of her favorite products and I think the product works wonders on her!
5. Last but not least are the @garnierusa bb creams, this is the perfect bb cream for someone who just wants to try out a bb cream and does not want to spend a lot on a product. This bb cream does leave your skin feeling silky and smooth!

Jo Malone, what makes them so special? Well I will tell you.

Jo Malone is a renowned British brand that specializes in selling one of a kind fragrances with unique ingredients ranging from sandalwood to cucumber. Jo Malone also sells bath and body soaps, along with fragrances for your home. Overall you can never go wrong with choosing a Jo Malone fragrance for a loved one or for yourself because it is purely luxury in a black and white box!

Kylie’s Crème shadow, infused with real gold.

I absolutely loved Kylie’s rose gold Crème shadow from her birthday collection. I purchased the shade rose gold, it is super pigmented. It is the perfect eye shadow shade for a glamorous night out on the town with your s.o( significant other) or partying with your girlfriends. I definitely recommend the shade, hurry up and get it before it sells out. This collection is also limited edition.

NYX Contour Stick.

So far this is one of my favorite cream contour products! It glides on so easily and it has made contouring so easy for me. The price is amazing and I recommend everyone should give it a try!

Sugarbearhair hair vitamins journey.

So far I have been having a lot of trouble with my hair since i have to do a lot to maintain it. I love having my hair ombré, but that can go south if you don’t take good care of it. I now use sulfate free shampoos, hair masks, and coconut oil. Last but not least I invested in this biotin infused gummy bear which also contains vitamin c. This vitamin claims to be gluten free, soy free, cruelty free and suitable for vegetarians. I bought a one month prescription to put it to the test and will update you all on snap chat to see this if the product lived up to my expectations and its reviews. To get your own you can visit @sugarbearhair on Instagram or check out their website

Pray for nice, pray for the world.

As a Muslim I want to inform everyone that several Muslims and I do not condone any of these violent attacks. I want to send all the victims of the Nice attack my prayers and condolences. No one deserves to be killed, no one deserves to be injured. 84 people have been killed, and innocent children were included. Unfortunately the attacker was a French-Tunisian,however I just want to clarify this attacker’s actions does not represent all Muslims. As I can I assure you all many Muslims are sending their prayers and our hearts ache for what is occurring in today’s world💔. If anyone knows someone vacationing in Nice please be sure to contact them immediately and have them click “marked safe” on their social media accounts, so that their friends and family can know that they are safe. Pray for the world.